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Educating the Population

Education should be the basic right for everyone here in the United States and the planet, regardless of which zip code they live in.

The education process must be balanced, where teachers get paid a fair wage for the job they do and student can enjoy a life free of debt after school. This way, every individual has an opportunity to choose what they want to study, where they to study and where they want to live, without having to think about bias and unfair student loans that favors the wealthy here and abroad.

Free schools and university for all is a must for the people. All students should have free bus passes and free lunches throughout the school period. This way, they do not have to worry where they are going to get the bus fair or money for next meal while they go to school. Most people want to be educated and not be punished for trying to make a difference and live a better life as they pursue their education.

Committee to Elect Dr. Cairo D'Almeida

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