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Guiding the Lawmakers

Together the people can guide lawmakers to develop policies that allows better wages; better workplace protection that allows the balance of work and family without going broken.

The People should be able to use Federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program and the National Housing Trust Fund to assist the homeless population by building more affordable houses and supporting the veterans that came back from a war zone to no place to call their own!

Many lawmakers are confused and do not know what to do to hold the current executive branch accountable for their ill endeavors and go off on a tangent and try to enact laws that will control guns in order to distract the people from the real issue hurting this nation.

They are wrong, the laws should be enacted to control people that:
Are mentally unstable
Have been involved in domestic violence
Have pulled a gun on police officers with the intent to hurt them
Have been in a psychiatric institution
Have a violent criminal record
Have taken psychotic drugs
Are drug dealers
Have a record of child molestation
Assaulted others with a gun or knife
Is a known or suspect terrorist

Thus, lawmakers should enact laws that would tackle individuals with the issues described above and allow for extensive background check and prevent them from ever purchasing or possessing weapons of any kind. Every gun sold or brought into the state should have a trigger lock when not in possession of its lawful owner.

Committee to Elect Dr. Cairo D'Almeida

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