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Investing in Local Infrastructure

SeaTac airport cannot hold on its own anymore regardless of the big band-aid added to the south and North end of the airport. Lawmakers, mayors and city council need to find land to place a bigger and more up-to-date airport that will last the state of Washington at least 100 years and the possibility of upgrading it without having to build another airport in the future. SeaTac airport can still exist as a CAT X and will take less flights than it is planning to take right now.

Equal investments should be made in the public and in private sectors to assure that local business have an opportunity to thrive as the state invest on its infrastructures.

The state needs to invest in bigger, better school and universities with up-to-date technology that will take care of the growing population of this state for a thousand years.

The roads and bridges need more attention than ever. Investments must be made in the research field to assure that the state develops road and bridges that last two to three hundred years, instead of just five years for roads and fifty years for bridges. The state must sponsor development of better asphalt and concrete that does not contribute to environment or water system pollution. Fiberglass bridges were doable in 2002 and it should be doable now! Back in 2002 the researched fiberglass bridges was known to be 20 times stronger than steel and was the best option to build bridges near the ocean because the salted water did not affect its structure.

The entire transportation system must be overhaul with total consideration to renewal energy such as solar and battery powered vehicles. This way, the issue of climate change will get under control sooner.

The railroads need to be updated with renewal energy and technology that has yet to be invent in order to stop constant derailment that goes on every year here and around the nation costing billions of dollars and killing hundreds of people in its path.

We have to expand the current light rail system to every corner of the state of Washington and contribute to clean air. The resources for such projects should be adequately target in order to provide economic development in critical infrastructure areas that are mostly needed.

The best way to create jobs locally is to stop the greedy one percent from exporting manufacturing goods to the lowest bidder and invest on made in America products. This in turn, revitalizes the manufacturing industry in the country.

No tax breaks for any organization that ships local jobs overseas. Part of the executive branch who have business outside their government position are outsourcing their own products. Let’s not be bias in this matter! No tax breaks for those exporting local jobs overseas!

The current Information Technology (IT) must be upgraded to meet the ongoing threats from those who want something for nothing. It is not a matter of if, but when we are going to get hit hard by some evildoers from within or from somewhere else that will stop our society from functioning on daily basis.

The great IT thinkers should never drop their guards by thinking that they have the best IT sources on the planet, because others countries are working night and day to overcome our technology, and, in some places, they have already surpassed this nation’s ability to stay one step ahead of the evildoers.

The new technology should be used to assist communities to be more productive and better at what they do. The same technology should be used to assist firefighters to put fires better and faster with the use of technology.

Similar technology should also be used to train and assist police officers in the field to save life and at the same time enforce the law of the land.

The internet was invented using taxpayers' money, therefore, it should be free for all to enjoy and not sold to the one percent to exploit the people everywhere!

The for-profit jails must leave the state of Washington.

Lawmaker cannot ignore the fact that the current immigration system is also due for an overhaul. This nation is a nation of immigrants and it must not be forgotten or this nation will pay a hefty price if it allows the current double standards to continue.

Attention must also be given to the first nation of natives Americans that were here first to make sure that they too enjoy a life free of needs and the right to vote equally as a citizen that they have always been.

 The state must invest on scientists so they can concentrate on eradicate all diseases from the face of this planet forever and inventing new technology to make it easier for people to exist.

Dr. D’Almeida spent most of his life helping others and he is not going to stop now! Housing the homeless and the drug addicts; providing additional psychological support for foster parents and veterans after they come back from the war zone and addressing the shortage of affordable housing are some of the utmost important issue to address during his time as Governor for the state of Washington. 

Rosa Parks once said, “I would like to be known as a person who is concerned about freedom and equality and justice and prosperity for all people.”

It is not what we have, but what we do to help others during a time of struggle that define us who we are. Where we go from here and how do we get there is up to you!

Committee to Elect Dr. Cairo D'Almeida

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