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Shutdown or Not to Shutdown the Government

The lawmakers should not have to choose to shutdown the government so they can get what they want. By doing so, they damage the economy and hurt the people, the country and the planet.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the 2018-19 federal government shutdown cost taxpayers over $11 billion.

Most often, the people, think that the system is rigged and that there is no way out, but down. When people look at what lawmakers are doing to each other to get what they want and in the process they waist $11,000,000,000.00 on a 35-day government shutdown, they wonder, when the officials that they have elected are going to work together to benefit the country and not their personal agenda.

That type of mentality must be changed and the people will have to step up and hold lawmaker accountable to stop such actions and enact laws that will prevent more shutdowns in the future. Such laws can be written in a way that will strip the power from the executive branch and prevent them from abusing their power and hurting the economy and the people of this nation.

Committee to Elect Dr. Cairo D'Almeida

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